Abby, Class of '21

We had an awesome shoot over the weekend with this brown-eyed beauty! From urban textures to Fall colors and even a train station at sunset, I don't think she could have picked a better location.  Thanks for perfect shoot, Abby! It was so much fun hanging out with you and your mom!

Alex, Class of 2021

Not only is this senior an awesome swimmer and excellent student, but she also happens to be someone I've had the pleasure to watch grow from just a little tot to this sweet, fun, beautiful young woman you see in these pictures.  We had so much fun at your shoot, Alex!  Can't wait to see where life takes you next!

Caitlyn, Class of '21

This brown-eyed beauty is aiming for a degree in Computer Science and Engineering in college and if she does as well with that as she did with this session, she's going to nail it!  Thanks for a very fun shoot, Caitlyn, and enjoy the rest of your senior year!!

Audra, Class of '21

This weekend we headed to the city for some awesome textures, pops of color, and tons of other interesting finds for beautiful Audra's session, and of course, she absolutely rocked it! Thanks so much for a fun session (and for the help of your art director😉), Audra!   It was a blast!

Mackenzie, Class of 2021

This stunning senior is as sweet as she is gorgeous, and it shows in her beautiful smile!  (She never once laughed at me when I klutzed my way through the shoot. 😜)  Both athletic and intelligent, she's planning for a career in the medical field as a PA.  I have no doubt that whatever she does, she'll be a whopping success!  Thanks for a fantastic session, Mackenzie!!

Emma, Class of 2021

As if her gorgeous auburn hair and beautiful freckles weren't enough, Emma brought perfect weather and a spectacular sunset to her session!  Thanks for a perfect evening shoot, Emma!


In the City

 We headed back out to the Dayton Inspires wall the other night for more shots of the beautiful dogs of the Miami Valley Pit Crew and their wonderful fosters!  Head over to the Crew's website to help out or start the adoption process.

Macy, Class of '21

Not just another pretty face here - this stunning, athletic senior is looking at a career as an attorney! We had an absolute blast with one or two interesting outtakes and wardrobe malfunctions that will only make the private gallery - lol!  Thanks so much and have a fun senior year, Macy!!