All Treats, No Tricks

What's cuter than kids in costumes? How about furry kids in costumes?!  These cuties are currently in Miami Valley Pit Crew foster homes, but some of them are ready to come home and trick or treat with you! See who is available and fill out an application on the Crew's site. Then, stay tuned here for more sneak peeks coming up.


Kayla, Class of 2022

The bad news is that we only got about a half a session in with this stunning senior before the clouds opened up and started dumping a chilly fall rain on our heads.  But, the FANTASTIC news is that I get to go back soon and shoot even more with this happy, fun, go-anywhere-for-the-shot, beauty!  Thanks for a perfect start, Kayla!  Can't wait for round two!

Paige, Class of '22

It felt more like a summer day than typical mid-October for this beauty's senior photoshoot.  But, with pretty Paige rocking the fashion and poses, and the golden sun highlighting the first of the changing leaves and late blooming flowers, this session was nothing less than ideal.  Enjoy the rest of your senior year, Paige, and best of luck to you in the future!

Emma, Class of 2022

We were slammed with some of the hottest weather of the summer for this lovely girl's photoshoot - around a 100 degree heat index!! But, she toughed it out, didn't melt, and even kept smiling despite some painful new shoes!  Have an awesome senior year and best of luck in the future, Emma!

Alex, Class of 2022

This great looking guy had an awesome summery session at a beautiful nature area and in the quaint streets of his hometown.  He even managed to slip in a couple of shots in his favorite coffee shop for good measure!  Thanks for a fun shoot, Alex, and have a great senior year!

Nature Dogs

More adorable MVP's!!  These sweeties are currently, or soon will be, looking for their furever families.  Are you the one??  Head over to the Miami Valley Pit Crew's website for an application and more details.

Carly, Class of '22

How can you tell in the first 30 seconds that it's going to be an amazing session?  Well, first, is to have a gorgeous, fun, good natured senior subject, and second is to have a real, live zebra on site.  This session had both, and yes, I said ZEBRA!!  😍🤩🦓 How cool is that?!?!  Thanks for such a unique shoot, Carly, and good luck in your senior year and beyond!!

Abby, Class of 2022

This beautiful and sweet cross country runner chose a special location where she likes to condition for the first of her senior shoots.  And, I have a feeling I'll be heading back to this spot often for all it has to offer.  Twin brother, Alex, also dropped in for a couple of together shots.  Looking forward to more sessions with this awesome looking family!!