A Girl and Her Puppy

I love scouting out new locations for shoots!  This time I dragged a couple of my favorite subjects along to take advantage of one of our last warm Fall days during peak leaf color. Can't wait to go back for a "real" shoot! :)

The B Family

This easy-going, great looking family was a cinch to shoot. We wandered through some back paths and found some different angles in a popular photography spot to avoid the crowds and I think it really paid off!  Thank you B Family!

Right Back At It!

Our second trip with the beautiful K family was a whopping success! We went back to the same location and repeated some shots we weren't able to get the first night and added a few extras as well. How can you not, when you have models like these?? :)

Although we all loved the first night's shot by the pond, with the storm rolling in, the grain was a bit too much.  This time, however, we had gorgeous golden light and no need to run for the car!

The K Family

We went out for some possible Christmas card shots of this great looking family and good friends, but the sky just wouldn't cooperate! It opened up on us just seconds after the last pic below. Considering how dark it actually got during our shoot, I think these turned out pretty well, though! Hope we can get back out there soon and try for more!!